Head Hunter Indonesia

Head Hunter Indonesia


Tempindo Jasatama is a professional head hunter company in Indonesia that specializes in recruiting executives at the managerial and directorial level for our client companies in various industries.  You’ll never know when you need a professional services of head hunter in Indonesia to help you with your staffing needs. Tempindo Jasatama is the right service that will lend a hand. Being in the industry for more than 2 decades have given them the experience and the knowledge of what it takes (and needed) to meet their clients’ requirements.

If you are looking for a professional recruitment agency in Jakarta to help you find the right people for the right position, then you can check their profile and qualification. They are guaranteed to help.

head hunter indonesia

The Importance of Head Hunter Services in Indonesia


You are probably confident about your ability to find the right employee. You always pride yourself of being able to see the real talents – finding the true gems among so many different candidates. But your ability would be useless when you have to focus on your business. You can’t do two (or even more) things together, right? You need to choose between the two, and when it comes to developing your business, it is only natural that you choose your business over the matter of employment.

And this is where the role of head hunter Indonesia will take over. You will understand their important role in finding the right people for the right career position. The process of finding the promising candidates for the employment is complicated and also time consuming. If you are busy with your business, you won’t have the time for the employment screening or whatsoever, and this is why you should leave it to the pro.

They will find the potential candidates –not only from the incoming applications but also from their own research. Yes, they will perform a special research and then discuss the result to you. All you have to do is to tell headhunting company of what you want or require, and let them do their work. Once they come up with a result, they will present it to you and discuss it. Based on your decision, they will act on the next step. And before you know it, you have the potential (and promising) candidates that will help you with the business running and operation.


Tempindo Jasatama : Professional Head Hunter Company in Indonesia

Not many people understand the importance of services from head hunter Indonesia, but you know better, right? Business people shouldn’t underestimate the role of such a third-party service because they can actually gain a lot of perks. Better time and energy management would be possible if they leave the matter of employment search to Tempindo Jasatama professional head hunter company in Indonesia. Beside executives search, we are also providing staffing support, contingent worker,payroll service and outsourcing Jakarta for our clients’ specific needs.