Jasa Outsourcing Jakarta

Outsourcing Jakarta 


Tempindo Jasatama is a professional outsourcing Jakarta agency (perusahaan outsourcing jakarta) that is lending a hand to clients looking for competent and qualified candidates of employees for any industry. You probably have experienced the difficulty of finding a professional and committed employee. Agencies like Tempindo Jasatama will make your job easier. You will no longer have to deal with the complication of screening, interviewing, hiring and recruiting new employees.  Let the professional do it. All you have to do is to wait for the result and enjoy the outcome. So, you can focus on what you do best.

The Outsourcing Assistance


Basically, instead of posting for vacancies and wait for the right candidates to come, companies and businesses believe that hiring a provider like human resource outsourcing in Jakarta by Tempindo Jasatama would make things easier, simpler, faster, and more efficient.  In most cases, when you let applicants come your way, the result is often far from being satisfactory. It’s because you can only hire those who come to you. It would be different if you are the one who is doing the search. You can find any candidate that is based on the requirements you have set.

Don’t have the time to do it on your own? That’s why you should hire a professional HR outsourcing Jakarta like Tempindo Jasatama. Simply tell them what you expect from the new candidates. Do you want someone with working experience more than 6 years? Do you want candidates who are used to industrial setting and machineries? Do you want candidates who have administrative skill? Tell the outsource people about your requirements and just wait until they find the perfect people.   


More Assistance to Come

Besides finding the perfect candidates, outsourcing Jakarta is able to help you with the overall recruitment management. They will do the interview the contingent worker. They will do the candidates’ background check. They will contact and reach out to the candidates. They will report their findings (including the results) to you.  They will discuss the outcome with you, including letting you decide. If you are overwhelmed with the employees management, including the payroll management services, payroll administration, and hiring, let Tempindo Jasatama do it for you. Such a service is provided for people like you so you can focus on your business development.

The service isn’t only beneficial for companies looking for staffs and employees but also for the candidates. They can learn about the current condition and demand if they manage to maintain good relationship with the agency.  As you can see, the existence of such an outsourcing Jakarta services can be fruitful and beneficial if you know how to make use of it. We are also providing other services to support your business needs such as headhunting and recruitment services. Find out to learn more about the role of Tempindo as recruitment agency and headhunter company.