Recruitment Agency Jakarta

Recruitment Agency Jakarta


Tempindo Jasatama as a professional recruitment agency Jakarta will make sure that they meet all the requirements from their clients and deliver a satisfying outcome. Never underestimate the importance of such an agency because not all businesses or companies have the time to do their own employees’ screening and recruitment. Even big companies today prefer hiring a professional agency or service to do the job because they know how complicated it can be. So, what’s the major function of the service, anyway?

The Role of Today’s Recruitment Agency in Jakarta


In the event that you aren’t familiar with the function or job of such a recruitment service, like recruitment agency Jakarta, here are some facts to help you understand. Recruitment agency is a type of business (running in the service sector) that is hired by companies to find the right candidates for the vacant position. In the old days, when someone sent a job application to a company, the matter would be generally handled and managed by the company’s Human Resource Department.  

However, things are different now because some changes have happened to the situation. For a starter, companies start to feel that having their own HR department costs a lot of money. Most businesses today don’t have their own HR department so they turn to a third-party service provider, like recruitment agency Jakarta,to find the (perfect) candidates. Moreover, most businesses today prefer consulting such a professional recruitment service because they result is much better. Instead of having people sending their applications and resume into the company, they can set out their own search of truly potential candidates – of course, with the help of the recruitment agency. We offer recruitment service in all industries sector, including banking and finance, IT, Technology, etc. See our broad spectrum to know more about a broad range of industries we offer.


How Recruitment Agency Works

Basically, clients (in this case, business owners or companies) contact the recruitment agency Jakarta and ask for their help. Each business or company has their own requirements and standards, and these are the crucial things that Tempindo Jasatama will remember. Based on the lists of standards and requirements, the recruitment agency will start their search. With their wide and vast networking contact and good skill, they can find the candidates, do a background search, learn about their qualifications and abilities, etc. Afterward, they can report to their clients, presenting their finds and the result. And then the company or business can decide which to hire or such thing alike.

The process may seem simple but it takes a lot of efforts and times. No wonder if businesses prefer hiring the professional recruitment service to manage and set the whole thing. That’s why Tempindo Jasatama as a professional recruitment agency in Jakarta and as head hunter indonesia has been able to operate for more than 2 decades – because their function is crucial for business. Just leave the recruitment process to the expert.

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